Here is a taste of what you may discover on your Greek Odyssey, walking and swimming in the Pelion, Greece this summer.

Michelle has been inviting intimate groups of walkers to come and enjoy exploring the ancient paths, the wooded slopes, the welcome springs and the warm Aegean sea since 2013. If you delight in seeing what is round the next bend, over the next rise, along the next bit of coast, taking your time, soaking up the atmosphere of ancient, unspoilt lands, then this may be just what you were looking for….

Enjoy one of the best guided walking holidays in Greece

There is a reason Greece is the home of the ancients and the gods. Join Walks in Paradise at Kalikalos, as we spend a blissful week walking and swimming in the beautiful Pelion. Our guided walking trips are perfect for adventurous families and ramblers alike. Read more about Greek Odyssey

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