Greek Odyssey destination

Guided walking holidays in the Pelion takes place in late summer, from 21st to the 28th of August 2024. We will be based at the delightful Kalikalos, in the heart of the Pelion peninsular.
The walks will guide you through the mountains and valleys of the Pelion and ultimately lead you to the sea, where you can bathe in the warm Aegean.

If you wish you can extend your stay at Kalikalos by booking an extra week either side of your hiking holiday as a ‘Community Guest’, so that you can relax and/or further explore the delights of the Pelion.

Welsh Wonderings destinations

Welsh Wanderings offers you a range of walking experiences in the heart of Mid Wales.

Mid Wales presents you with a rich and varied landscape, crisscrossed with paths leading across rolling hills, upland, moorland, along rivers, up and beyond beautiful waterfalls and lakes. Past beautiful old Welsh farmsteads, some abandoned long ago, some still occupied by the latest generation from a long line of ancestors who have toiled and tended the fields, hills and valleys you are about to enjoy if you care to join us.

​The themed walks add a unique flavour to your experience of the countryside, offering you the chance to enjoy your chosen activity and the company of the other members of the group.

Beetles on a leaf


Walks in Paradise offers unique guided walking holidays in Greece and Mid Wales.

Walks in Paradise can help you reconnect with yourself whilst experiencing the simple joy of immersing yourself  in nature.

Our walks are designed to enable you to really experience be-ing in nature, while promoting a sense of relaxation, fun and adventure. The walks will include exploration, exercise, plenty of time to rest and soak up your surroundings: a chance to be at peace with yourself and feel your connection with nature and your fellow walkers. A shared experience that will relax and revive all your senses.

Greek walking group

Our Destinations

Pelion on the mainland of Greece, home to the Greek Centaurs and Chiron the healer, is our late summer destination. A mountain covered in ancient forests of beech, sweet chestnut and further below apple orchards, olive and fig trees. There are still bears and wild boar that roam the mountain, although rarely seen. Kalderimi lead from village to village and down to the sea.

Guided day, night and weekend walking in Mid Wales take place throughout the year and can be booked most weekends. The Marches,  borderland that connect England and Wales are a delight to walk through. Often overlooked for the loftier Snowdonia, they hold their own hidden gems; woods to wander in, rivers and lakes to swim in, hilltops to gaze across.

Michelle Brydie

Your Guide

Michelle Brydie is a qualified Walking Group Leader and holds a current Mountain First Aid certificate.

She believes in the restorative power of walking in nature – her guided walking tours are more than just physical exercise. They are a chance to connect with self and other, be in nature, rather than march through it, laugh, sing, ponder, just be yourself, letting go of ‘to do’s’ and deadlines to lozzack about in the countryside.

Join Michelle for an all round holistic experience in paradise.